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Why is it a big mistake to link funding of R&D costs with drug prices?:

SCCR 26 Discussions regarding education & persons with other disabilities (12/20/13)

Discussions regarding an "International legal instrument in whatever form on limitations and exceptions for educational teaching and research institutions and persons with other disabilities" 12/20/13

Friday December 20, 2013 10am to 1pm

SCCR26: US Intervention on Exceptions and Limitations for Educational Activities

The United States of America delivered the following intervention on Exceptions and Limitations for Educational Activities at SCCR 26 on Friday morning, 20 December 2013.

United States of America

Intervention on Exceptions and Limitations for Educational Activities
SCCR/26, December 20, 2013

SCCR 26 Topic #4: Library Lending (December 19, 2013)

Lending! Hot topic here! Seriously, this is now really about the core service, function, mission of libraries: lending. For many of course this topic, this exception, is the fundamental exception that makes or break the project.

Afternoon Session SCCR 26 Topic #2 Reproduction and safeguarding of copies 26 Dec 19, 2013

Topic #2 Reproduction and safeguarding of copies (3 to 5pm).

Library & Archive exceptions at WIPO: Notes from SCCR 26 December 19, 2013 morning session

This morning the WIPO SCCR is going through the list of the following topics:

Topic #1 Preservation
Topic #2 Reproduction and safeguarding of copies
Topic #3 Legal Deposit
Topic #4 Library Lending
Topic #5 Parallel Importations
Topic #6 Cross-border uses
Topic #7 Orphan works, retracted and withdrawn works, and works out of commerce
Topic #8 Limitations on Liability of libraries and Archives
Topic #9 Technological Measures of Protection
Topic #10 Contract
Topic #11 Right to translate works

US Intervention at WIPO SCCR: Libraries, Archives...and Museums

Here is the US intervention during the discussion on limitations and exceptions for libraries and exceptions:

The Case for Libraries and Archives at WIPO SCCR 26

On the afternoon of day 3 of SCCR 26, the proposed broadcasting treaty is finally "behind" us or at least the negotiations over the proposal are interrupted until next SCCR April 28 to May 2, 2014.

United States’ Opening Statement on Exceptions and Limitations SCCR 26 December 18, 2013

This was delivered this morning, by Shira Perlmutter of USPTO.

United States’ Opening Statement on Exceptions and Limitations SCCR 26 December 18, 2013

* The United States starts with the recognition that exceptions and limitations are a critical element of a balanced and vibrant copyright law regime.

* A combination of strong protections for authors, and appropriate exceptions and limitations on their rights, together serve to further copyright’s goals of encouraging creativity, innovation, and learning.

Draft Conclusions on the Protection of Broadcasting Organizations

The following draft conclusions were distributed during the morning session (18 December 2013) of Wednesday's SCCR. There will be changes before they are approved.


1. The Committee considered the working document SCCR/24/10 Corr., as well as the proposal submitted by the government of Japan, document SCCR/26/6. In addition, the Committee took note of the working document containing the proposal from the government of India.

WIPO broadcasting treaty: US tables proposal for discussion on a single right

The United States tabled this proposal for discussion to ensure that its compromise approach would be annexed to the consolidated text.

December 17, 2013

Proposal for Discussion


Broadcasting organizations shall have the right to authorize the simultaneous or near-simultaneous retransmission of their broadcast or pre-broadcast signal over any medium.


Broadcasting Treaty Negotiations at WIPO SCCR26 Day 2 Morning Session

The morning session was a continuation of yesterday informal regarding scope and beneficiaries of the proposed treaty. The delegates also discussed the 4 topics of the Japanese non paper which dealt specifically with webcasting. The second part of the morning session was about Article 9 which deals with what rights would the Broadcasting organisations acquire and be protected by the proposed treaty.

According to WIPO Secretariat's summary, the four topics from the nonpaper from Japan and the general views of the delegates were:

US proposes a "single right" which excludes post-fixation rights and opens door to retransmission over any medium

During discussions at the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) on the broadcasting treaty, the following proposal of the United States (on Article 9-Protection for Broadcasting Organizations) was distributed in the plenary (following requests by Kenya and Ecuador to see the proposal in writing).

WIPO broadcast treaty: New Indian proposal on scope of application rejects webcasting

16 December 2013

Monday afternoon's session of the WIPO SCCR witnessed a spirited debate on the heart of the proposed WIPO broadcast treaty (Article 6) on the Scope of Application. The original consolidated text, SCCR/24/10 CORR, contains two alternatives, A and B with language detailing the relationship between the protection of signals, the underlying content and webcasting.

WIPO asked to create new treaty on the resale right (droit de suite) for works of art

A new campaign (see started today with an elegant lunch provided by the European Visual Artisits (EVA) representing the demandeurs of a brand new global right, the resale right (droit de Suite). It was followed by a panel of visual artists and their representative among them a very articulate DG of ADGO (Societe des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques), Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall.

KEI Statement at WIPO SCCR 26 December 16, 2013 re the Casting Treaty

The Monday morning session of SCCR 26 went very fast. The agenda was approved in few minutes. Two days will be about the broadcasting treaty, two days will be about libraries and archives and one day on education. 6 side events: artists resale, authors forum launch, authorized entities, IP and video games study, Libraries and archives and Museum and IP, WIPO guide.

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