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The US Secretary General High Level Panel on Access to Medicine. KEI submissions.

Request to NIH and Army to use government royalty free or march-in rights in the prostate cancer drug Xtandi.

Proposal for a WTO Agreement on the Supply of Public Goods.

Prices and patents on drugs, vaccines and diagnosis of hepatitis.

Innovation inducement prizes, possibly as an alternative to IPR monopolies to reward successful innovation.

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KEI Timelines, on a variety of topics.


Governments can ration access to cancer drugs, or break patent monopolies. Why is rationing so popular?:

What the 2001 Doha Declaration Changed

As the UN meets to discuss non-communicable diseases, one area of controversy is the effort by White House trade officials and the European Commissioner for Trade to block any mention in a Political Declaration of the November 14, 2001 WTO Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health.

This note explains why the Doha Declaration was important, and what USTR and DG-Trade are trying to do in the NCD resolution. I will start with a very quick history of the events that led to the 2001 WTO resolution.

Vietnam cables: Data exclusivity should be automatic, comprehensive, retroactive and without procedures and formalities

Michael W. Michalak, former Ambassador to Vietnam, pressured Vietnam on behalf of PhRMA.

Cables recently published by Wikileaks illustrate the degree to which the U.S. has been engaged in writing laws and training judges and government officials in Vietnam, on a wide range of pharmaceutical and intellectual property issues.

USTR releases new White Paper on Access to Medicine: includes almost no specifics in terms of negotiating positions

USTR has released its new White Paper on Access to Medicine. Here is the press release. A copy of the White Paper is available here:


USPTO award of $4 million in fy 2010 grants to groups advising developing countries on intellectual property issues

Last year the USPTO announced the award of $4 million in fy 2009 grants to advise developing couintries on intellectual property policies. The first set of grants were done under Arti Rai, then Administrator for External Affairs at USTPO. The grants went to a variety on pro-right owner groups, including those associated with Newt Gingrich and the Tea Party, and several supported by firms like Pfizer and Microsoft. Seven of the groups receiving the fy 2009 have in common the fact they received funding from either Microsoft or the Gates Foundation.

KEI submission to the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP): Patents and Health

Submission of Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) to the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP): Patents and Health

11 September 2011

Thiru Balasubramaniam

Obama Administration Wants to Eliminate References to Doha Declaration in UN Political Declaration on Non-Communicable Diseases

The United States and the European Union are using a United Nations High Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) to effectively renegotiate a landmark agreement on intellectual property rights and public health.

Dominican Republic: December 2009 meeting between PhRMA and US Embassy to discuss CAFTA+ demands on patent protection

September 10, 2011
KEI Staff

Christopher Lambert was Deputy Chief of Mission for the United States Embassy in Santo Domingo

This is a cable written by Christopher Lambert, then the Deputy Chief of Mission for the United States Embassy in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

France gets an A+ from the US for its anti-consumer intellectual property related policies

Hillary Clinton and Nicolas Sarkozy, March 14, 2011
President Obama and Mark Pekala, June 6, 2009, Paris

France gets an A+ from the US for its anti consumer intellectual property related policies

Cables that mention Novartis

September 6, 2011
KEI staff review of Wikileaks cables (http://keionline.org/wikileaks)

Feb 28, 2003 | Turkey | Consulate Istanbul | Differences Among U.s. Firms Give Rise To New Association Of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies

KEI/IQsensato panel at WTO Public Forum: Proposal for a WTO Agreement on the Supply of Knowledge as a Public Good (21 Sept 2011)


TITLE: Proposal for a WTO Agreement on the Supply of Knowledge as a Public Good

DATE: Wednesday, 21 September 2011

TIME: 16:15-18:15

VENUE: Room E (located on 3rd floor), World Trade Organization

REGISTRATION: Mandatory, please complete the registration form by 14 September 2011.

In Poland, an Ambassador (and former George W Bush roommate) demolishes PhRMA's 2009 Special 301 filing (Wikileaks cables)

From KEI staff review of Wikileaks cables (http://keionline.org/wikileaks)

This cable signed by US Ambassador to Poland Victor H. Ashe provides a through and very tough critique of PhRMA's submission to the 2009 Special 301 list. Ashe rejects every one of PhRMA's main points, and explains why continually putting Poland on the Special 301 list is counter productive.

KEI comments to UK Consultation on limitations and exceptions for persons with print disabilities under discussion at WIPO

The proposal for a WIPO treaty for persons who are blind or have other disabilities moved forward at the last SCCR meeting in June 2011, when a wide collection of high income and Latin American countries endorsed a joint paper that could serve as a basis for a diplomatic conference. The fact that Brazil, the US and the EU were among the countries endorsing the paper was very significant.

Cable: US Government collaboration with drug companies to lobby the Finnish Parliament on drug pricing legislation

This July 9, 2008 cable concerns the collaboration between the US government and the pharmaceutical industry to lobby Finland on the pricing of pharmaceutical drugs. The cable was written by Michael A Butler, then the Deputy Chief of Mission in Helsinki, and is worth a read. Among other things, the cable says :


Cables mentioning "Special 301" - Details of US trade pressure on IPR

Below are links to two web page pages that have links to 973 U.S. Department of State cables identified on September 5, 2011, using the http://cablegatesearch.net/ tool for searching 251,287 Wikileaks cables, and the search term, "special 301."

The two web pages with the cables are here:

ACTA: US courting of Hong Kong government (2007)

This cable, written on 23 January 2007, summarizes the proceedings of a video conference between US government officials and Hong Kong government officials that took place on 12 January 2007 with respect to ACTA and subsequent conversations between the Hong Kong government and the US consulate in Hong Kong.

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