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Recent blogs about the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) meetings are available at http://keionline.org/wipo.

The US Secretary General High Level Panel on Access to Medicine. KEI submissions.

Request to NIH and Army to use government royalty free or march-in rights in the prostate cancer drug Xtandi.

Proposal for a WTO Agreement on the Supply of Public Goods.

Prices and patents on drugs, vaccines and diagnosis of hepatitis.

Innovation inducement prizes, possibly as an alternative to IPR monopolies to reward successful innovation.

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KEI Timelines, on a variety of topics.


Governments can ration access to cancer drugs, or break patent monopolies. Why is rationing so popular?:

Cable: US Government collaboration with drug companies to lobby the Finnish Parliament on drug pricing legislation

This July 9, 2008 cable concerns the collaboration between the US government and the pharmaceutical industry to lobby Finland on the pricing of pharmaceutical drugs. The cable was written by Michael A Butler, then the Deputy Chief of Mission in Helsinki, and is worth a read. Among other things, the cable says :


Cables mentioning "Special 301" - Details of US trade pressure on IPR

Below are links to two web page pages that have links to 973 U.S. Department of State cables identified on September 5, 2011, using the http://cablegatesearch.net/ tool for searching 251,287 Wikileaks cables, and the search term, "special 301."

The two web pages with the cables are here:

ACTA: US courting of Hong Kong government (2007)

This cable, written on 23 January 2007, summarizes the proceedings of a video conference between US government officials and Hong Kong government officials that took place on 12 January 2007 with respect to ACTA and subsequent conversations between the Hong Kong government and the US consulate in Hong Kong.

US wary of WIPO initiative to host meeting on avian influenza and intellectual property rights (2005)

On 2 November 2005, Ambassador Kevin Moley wrote the following entitled, "NOT A GOOD IDEA - WIPO PROPOSAL ON AVIAN INFLUENZA AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS" after meeting with Rita Hayes, Deputy Director General WIPO, to discuss a proposed WIPO-hosted meeting of a high-level advisory group for intellectual property and avian flu.

Microsoft meeting with US Ambassador to Brazil regarding politics of Open Document Format (ODF) proposal to ISO

On December 21, 2007, the U.S. Consul General for São Paulo, Thomas White, wrote a cable titled: MICROSOFT SEES GOB ATTACKS AGAINST IPR. The cable was classified by James Story, the Econ/Pol Chief.

Ambassador Clifford Sobel (photo from Wikimedia)

New Zealand measures to prevent parallel trade in medicine from NZ to US

Wikileaks has published 28 cables, dated July 13, 2004 to February 9, 2010, from the US Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand that mention pharmaceuticals (See list here: http://keionline.org/node/1231)

One of the cables discusses in detail the efforts of the New Zealand government to prevent pharmaceutical products that are sold in New Zealand from being parallel traded into the U.S. market. There are several interesting points made in the cable. Here are a few highlights:

Wikileaks cables on the US opposition to Philippines legislation on affordable medicines

From KEI staff review of Wikileaks cables (http://keionline.org/wikileaks)

From September 19, 2005 to January 15, 2010, the US Department of State sent dozens of cables from Manila reporting on disputes in the Philippines regarding IPR and the pricing of pharmaceutical drugs. Much of the U.S. advocacy in the Philippines was done in close cooperation with Pfizer.

Implementing the Jordan FTA rules on exclusive rights in regulatory test data

September 2, 2011
From KEI staff review of Wikileaks cables (http://keionline.org/wikileaks)

On August 30, 2011, Wikileaks published a December 19, 2005 cable written by Daniel Rubinstein. The cable illustrates the degree to which the U.S. Department of State monitors the implementation of the Jordan-US FTA agreement, as regards disputes over rules on data exclusivity.

The Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Compulsory License

In April of 2010, District Judge Timothy J. Corrigan (M.D Florida, Jacksonville division) declined to grant a permanent injunction following a finding that the Johnson & Johnson’s ACUVUE®OASYS contact lens product infringed patents owned by CIBA Vision Corporation, providing another example of, in effect, a judicial compulsory license following the 2006 eBay v. MercExchange case; the judge wrote:

The CoreValve compulsory license on patent to treat aortic stenosis

On February 7, 2011, a federal judge in Delaware rejected a request for an injunction to prevent the continued infringement of United States Patent No.

Howard Dean -- for hire

Salon has an article today with this title: The seduction of Howard Dean, by Justin Elliot.

KEI comments on inconsistencies between USTR proposal for the TPPA and current US law

As KEI has discussed previously, USTR's proposal for the IP chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) raises numerous concerns for human rights, access to medicines, and access to information, among other issues.

SCO loses appeal in dispute with Novell over copyright claims to code used in Linux operating system

As reported by Groklaw, SCO has lost an appeal, at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a dispute with Novell "over copyright ownership of early versions of the UNIX operating system and the scope of Novell’s rights in licenses issued to its former customers prior to its partial sale of UNIX to SCO." According to Groklaw, this is likely to be the end of the litigation with Novell over SCO's claims to ownership of code used in Linux. (The IBM case is still outstanding, it seems).

Wikileaks cables shows Obama Administration role in lobbying EU to approve Oracle acquisition of MySQL and other Sun assets

Two cables recently disclosed by Wikileaks illustrate the degree to which the Obama Administration was monitoring the EU review of the Oracle acquisition of Sun, and leaning on the European Union to permit Oracle to acquire MySQL and other "open source" assets controlled by Sun.

Both cables were signed by Ambassador Christopher W. Murray, who served as Deputy Chief of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires at the United States Mission to the European Union, in Brussels, Belgium, from 2007 to 2010.

2,446 Wikileaks cables mentioning the search term "pharmaceutical"

The following are 2,446 cables from Wikileaks, that mention the search term: "pharmaceutical." The search was conducted on August 29, 2011. This is an average of 23 cables per week, for the period. The cables are organized by dates.

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