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WHO issues its first hepatitis C treatment guidelines

WHO Press Releases - 9. April 2014 - 3:00
9 April 2014 -- WHO has issued its first guidance for the treatment of hepatitis C, a chronic infection that affects an estimated 130 million to 150 million people and results in 350 000 to 500 000 deaths a year.
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World Health Day 2014: Preventing vector-borne diseases

WHO Press Releases - 2. April 2014 - 3:00
2 April 2014 -- More than half the world’s population is at risk from diseases such as malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis, Lyme disease, schistosomiasis, and yellow fever, carried by mosquitoes, flies, ticks, water snails and other vectors. Every year, more than 1 billion people are infected and more than 1 million die from vector-borne diseases. This World Health Day – 7 April – WHO is highlighting the serious and increasing threat of vector-borne diseases, with the slogan “Small bite, big threat”.
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7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution

WHO Press Releases - 24. March 2014 - 19:00
25 March 2014 -- In new estimates released today, WHO reports that in 2012 around 7 million people died - one in eight of total global deaths – as a result of air pollution exposure. This finding more than doubles previous estimates and confirms that air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk. Reducing air pollution could save millions of lives.
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Progress in diagnosing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

WHO Press Releases - 20. March 2014 - 3:00
20 March 2014 -- Almost half a million people fell ill with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in 2012, yet less than one in 4 of these people was diagnosed, mainly due to a lack of access to quality diagnostic services.
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Expansion of Domain Name Space May Shift Trademark Protection Strategies

WIPO Press Release - 16. March 2014 - 23:52
The unprecedented expansion of the Internet domain name space, until now dominated by .com and a handful of other generic top-level domains (gTLDs), is likely to disrupt existing strategies for trademark protection on the web.
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US and China Drive International Patent Filing Growth in Record-Setting Year

WIPO Press Release - 13. March 2014 - 1:00
The United States of America and China drove record-level patent-filing activity via WIPO in 2013 as the number of annual international patent applications surpassed the 200,000 mark for the first time. International trademark and industrial-design filings also achieved new record-breaking levels.
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Message from WHO Director-General on International Women’s Day

WHO Press Releases - 7. March 2014 - 3:01
7 March 2014 -- On this day, WHO joins others in celebrating women’s achievements. These achievements are inspiring, and they can inspire change. In health development, as in many other areas, women are agents of change. They are the driving force that creates better lives for families, communities and, increasingly, the countries they have been elected to govern.
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WHO issues new guidance on how to provide contraceptive information and service

WHO Press Releases - 6. March 2014 - 3:00
6 March 2014 -- In advance of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2014, WHO is launching new guidance to help countries ensure human rights are respected in providing more girls, women, and couples with the information and services they need to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
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WIPO’s Coordination Committee Nominates Francis Gurry for Second Term as Director General

WIPO Press Release - 5. March 2014 - 18:00
The Coordination Committee of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) nominated by consensus Mr. Francis Gurry for a second term as Director General of WIPO.
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WHO opens public consultation on draft sugars guideline

WHO Press Releases - 5. March 2014 - 3:01
5 March 2014 -- WHO is launching a public consultation on its draft guideline on sugars intake. When finalized, the guideline will provide countries with recommendations on limiting the consumption of sugars to reduce public health problems like obesity and dental caries (commonly referred to as tooth decay).
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Many countries lack capacity to prevent and treat hearing loss

WHO Press Releases - 28. February 2014 - 3:01
28 February 2014 -- Many of the countries who responded to a new WHO survey lack the capacity to prevent and care for hearing loss, according to a report published on International Ear Care Day, 3 March.
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140 000 people to get cholera vaccine in South Sudan

WHO Press Releases - 22. February 2014 - 3:00
22 February 2014 -- WHO is working with the South Sudan Government and partners to provide vaccines to protect nearly 140 000 people living in temporary camps in South Sudan against cholera.
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Measles deaths reach record lows with fragile gains toward global elimination

WHO Press Releases - 6. February 2014 - 3:01
6 February 2014 -- New mortality estimates from WHO show that annual measles deaths have reached historic lows, dropping 78% from more than 562 000 in 2000 to 122 000 in 2012. During this time period, an estimated 13.8 million deaths have been prevented by measles vaccination and surveillance data showed that reported cases declined 77% from 853 480 to 226 722.
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First ever global atlas identifies unmet need for palliative care

WHO Press Releases - 28. January 2014 - 4:00
28 January 2014 -- Only 1 in 10 people who need palliative care - that is medical care to relieve the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness - is currently receiving it. This unmet need is mapped for the first time in the "Global atlas of palliative care at the end of life", published jointly by WHO and the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (WPCA).
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WHO Executive Board appoints two Regional Directors

WHO Press Releases - 21. January 2014 - 3:01
21 January 2014 -- WHO Executive Board, currently holding its 134th session in Geneva, has appointed Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh as the new WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia and reappointed Dr Shin Young-soo as the WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific.
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WHO delivers more than 125 tons of medical supplies in Aleppo

WHO Press Releases - 7. January 2014 - 8:00
7 January 2014 -- Over the past two weeks WHO delivered two shipments with more than 125 tons of medical equipment and medicines to health providers in Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic – in both government-controlled and in opposition-controlled areas. All shipments contained surgical materials, medicines to treat chronic and infectious diseases, infant incubators, ventilators and intensive care unit (ICU) beds.
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