World Health Organization (WHO) to hold consultation on report of Expert Working Group on R&D financing

At the end of a dramatic debate that began yesterday, the Executive Board (EB) of the World Health Organization (WHO) agreed to hold a special consultation on the report of the WHO Expert Working Group (EWG) on R&D Financing. A face-to-face meeting will be held on May 13, a few days before the 63rd WHA begins on 17 May. There will also be opportunities for web submissions on the EWG report. In addition, Dr.

Open Letter to the WHO EB from Cecilia López Montaño, EWG member

The following is a letter sent by Cecilia López Montaño, a member of the WHO Expert Working Group on R&D Financing to the WHO Executive Board:

Bogotá. Colombia. January 15th 2010

Dear members of the Executive Board:

I am Cecilia López Montaño, senator of the Colombian Congress and member of the Expert Working Group on Research and Development Financing of the World Health Organization, in representation of the point of view of developing countries, I assume.

A closer look at the WHO EWG endorsed proposals on funding product development partnerships

The World Health Organization's Expert Working Group on R&D Financing spent scant attention on how to raise money, but showed considerable interest in how to spend it. The clear favorite approach is to give grants to product development partnerships -- the approach that has now become the most conventional approach, and one not surprisingly endorsed by the PDPs themselves, and also by the Gates Foundation and the IFPMA -- two groups that are often seen as devoted to protecting the status quo in terms of intellectual property and business models for innovation.

Wikileaks reports on IFPMA infiltration of WHO Expert Working Group on R&D Financing

On Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 10:42PM (EST), the site Wikileaks, posted this pithy entry on Twitter: "Big Pharma infiltrates WHO Expert Working Group process; WikiLeaks infiltrates Big Pharma".

KEI Comments to EWG 2nd Web-based Public Hearing: Defending the Status Quo, or Roadmap for Change?

On Saturday, KEI filed comments with the WHO EWG's 2nd web based hearing. Our comments focused on the criteria for new proposals.

WHO IGWG Negotiation

WHO Expert Working Group on R&D Financing (EWG)

WHO website on the EWG

NEWS: The EWG secretariat has released a draft evaluation framework, evaluation criteria and the inventory of financing proposals. The EWG is accepting public comments through the Second Web-based Public Hearing. Deadline: September 5 2009. KEI has offered critical comments on the criteria.

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